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Laptops 2019 - Mqrc 2042, Ibm pm56316: wmq v7 mqrc 2042 mqrc_object_in_use for a, Csqiexp2 does not serialize the shared queue close process causing potential loss of updates like removing the "exclusive access" indicator. this results in mqrc 2042 when other members of the queue-sharing group try and open the queue, although display qstatus cmdscope(*) does not show any handles with the queue opened for input.. Ibm 2042 mqrc_object_in_use when an mdb tries to get a, 2042 mqrc_object_in_use when an mdb tries to get a message. technote (troubleshooting) problem(abstract) your mdb is listens on a websphere mq (wmq) queue. when a message arrives on the queue, the mdb does not receive the message. . 2042 0x000007fa mqrc_object_in_use. cause. the queue is set to noshare.. :: view topic - mqrc 2042, He said he is putting messages to remote queue. even if he where putting to the xmitq directly, he would not get 2042, as he is doing output, but the "exclusive" is related to input. in addition, the 2042 is not related to his mqput, as he may received the returncode directly in the program, it would not have been visible in the amqerrxx.log..

Mqrc 2042 - gmb 21st december 2015

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C++ - websphere mq - error with reason code 2042 on a get, If nothing else had it open at the time, then the implicit open will work, and later instances will instead get the 2042. if it is intermittent, then i suggest there is a path through your application where imqqueue::open method is not invoked.. Spring jms mqje001: completion code '2', reason '2042, The 2042 means "object in use". since there is no concept of exclusive use of queues for message producers, then one of your consumers is locking the queue. this behavior is controlled by the queue definition's defsopt attribute. this is at the queue manager itself and not in the managed object definitions or your factory options..