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Laptops 2019 - Matt O039leary Bia Ancsa, Aleut burial mounds ulaakan and umqan - anthropology, Aleut burial mounds: ulaakan and umqan matt o’leary u.s. bureau of indian affairs, ancsa office, 3601 c street, suite 1100, anchorage, ak 99503; matt.o’[email protected] richard l. bland museum of natural and cultural history, university of oregon, 1680 east 15th avenue, .. Tukusngaluĝa, or the chiefs’ gathering place: a, 1997, bia ancsa archaeologist matt o’leary rec-ommended additional subsurface testing and re-connaissance at the site.3 he also noted the aleut place name tukusngalugˆa or tukusngalugˆalugˆa, meaning “the chief’s gathering place, observa-tion place-hill-like point” is associated with a. Tukusngaluĝa, or the chiefs’ gathering place: a, In 1991, bureau of indian affairs (bia) ancsa archaeologists investigated an ancsa 14(h)(1) application for a native historical place on the north shore of amlia island. two circular depressions were located and tested. . o’leary matt; 2007 a roster of bia ancsa radiocarbon dates..

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