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Laptops 2019 - John Lynch Wildstorm, John lynch | dc database | fandom powered by wikia, John lynch is a government agent in the wildstorm universe. beginning his career as a member of team 7 , he developed mild telepathy through exposure to the gen-factor . later on he would succeed miles craven as director of international operations .. John lynch (character) - comic vine, In the wildstorm universe, lynch is the former leader of team 7, former director of i.o. and mentor to gen13 as well being the father of burnout. he was exposed to an experimental substance called .. Wildstorm universe - wikipedia, Grifter, dane, backlash, john lynch, and deathblow all starred in books at the time. the first team 7 series was four issues and showed how the characters were exposed to a chemical weapon that resulted in their gaining of a " gen-factor " which later was the source to many wildstorm characters..

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The wild storm (2017 - present) from wildstorm, John lynch, ex-director of io, is travelling to america to warn the subjects of his most secret program that the current heads of io may know about them—what lynch did to them in project thunderbook, how they changed.. Team 7 members - comic vine, Team 7 was originally a super-powered military spec-ops unit set in the wildstorm universe. john lynch was the group's commanding officer. in the dc universe, team 7 was a covert military team .. Review: the wild storm #17 | dc comics news, John lynch finishes his roundup of former thunderbook projects in a cathartic and satisfying ‘climax’ to this part of his story. meanwhile angie spica has a run in with something from another world. something this series has been building towards for months. unsurprisingly jon davis-hunt’s .. Review: the wild storm #14 | dc comics news, This month it’s a john lynch scene, similar to the one in the last issue, in which a conversation takes up a majority of the scene. it’s odd for the series to start so strongly in regards to welcoming new readers as well as those who were previously wildstorm fans..

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