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Laptops 2019 - Ach R07, Affidavit of unauthorized debit activity, Section b - authorization revoked (r07) complete as applicable. i. member advises authorization revoked ± r07, a debit entry was revoked by the member if: 1. member has revoked authorization previously provided to the originator for this particular transaction before the debit was initiated.. Ach status codes -, Ach status codes. this section describes the values returned for ach payment requests. . insufficient funds, or dispute). if a payment is unsuccessful, paypal usually gets the return message from the ach network within 2 to 4 business days of payment submission. code. description: . r07: authorization revoked by customer: receiver has .. Ach processing: ach nacha return codes, R07 = authorization revoked. chargeback-the customer has gone to their bank and signed an affadvit stating they revoke their assent to payment. r08 = stop payment r10 = no authorization..

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Ach return codes -, R07 - authorization revoked by customer - consumer, who previously authorized ach payment, has revoked authorization from originator (must be returned no later than 60 days from settlement date and customer must sign affidavit).. Return code (r08) - account holder has stopped payment on, The receiver of a debit transaction has the right to stop payment on any specific ach debit. a stop payment request should be handled in accordance with the provisions of article eight (recall, stop payment, recredit, and adjustment) of these rules.. Ach returns and ach return codes -, Ach return code r07 – authorization revoked by customer description: the receiver who previously authorized an entry has revoked authorization with the originator for this debit entry. ach return code r08 – payment stopped. Quick guide automated clearing house (ach) rules for ach, Quick guide automated clearing house (ach) rules for ach originators to ensure compliance with current regulations, all ach originators must obtain a current copy of the national automated clear- . r07 authorization revoked – client who previously authorized an entry has revoked.