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Laptops 2019 - 1992 Election Atlas, United states presidential election in florida, 1992, Florida held an election for president of the united states on november 3, 1992. the race was extremely close – so close in fact that some news networks mistakenly reported that democratic challenger bill clinton had won in the state, although incumbent president george h. w. bush was eventually declared the winner.. United states presidential election in wisconsin, 1992, The 1992 united states presidential election in wisconsin took place on november 3, 1992, as part of the 1992 united states presidential election. voters chose eleven representatives, or electors to the electoral college , who voted for president and vice president .. United states presidential election in montana, 1992, All of montana's three electoral votes were assigned to clinton, contributing to his 370 to 168 electoral vote win of the 1992 presidential election to date, this is the most recent presidential election in which montana was won by the democratic candidate..

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United states presidential election of 1992 | united, United states presidential election of 1992, american presidential election held on nov. 3, 1992, in which democrat bill clinton defeated incumbent republican pres. george bush. independent candidate ross perot secured nearly 19 percent of the vote—the highest percentage of any third-party candidate in a u.s. presidential election in 80 years.. 1992 presidential election interactive map - 270towin.com, Create an alternate history with this 1992 interactive electoral map. develop your own what-if scenarios. change the president, the states won and the nominees.. Us election statistics - elections - research guides at, Provide presidential (1789-2008), senate (1822-2008), and gubernatorial (1787-2008) election results. primary and general election data by county; state presidential primary and caucus data (hard to find elsewhere); election analysis; case summaries, and biographies. includes changes in party control, successful candidates of third parties.. Realclearpolitics - 1992 electoral college map, General election final rcp average & result final electoral college map state by state results rcp senate avgs & results rcp gov avgs & results key house results . 1992 e lectoral c ollege..

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